About Us

We love what we do

We started Fit For Good for loved ones, to celebrate and affirm their success in living healthier. Feeling good about how you look is vital to sustained success, and style is key to that. Loving the way you look each day can be the motivation you need to succeed in living a healthier life.

We believe healthy living should be celebrated.

Setting a goal and working towards it each day is inspiring! We want to celebrate each milestone with you—not just the finish line. We love connecting you to brands that are passionate about celebrating and rewarding your achievements. Let’s get started, one newly-inspiring outfit at a time.

"For Good"

The Fit For Good community is a positive, supportive space for members to applaud each other’s accomplishments. Stop by our Facebook page and post a “For Good” comment on the stories that encourage you the most. Inspire others by sharing your own!

Our Team

  • Neil Portus

    Founder and Co-CEO

  • Lisa Nagorny


  • Christopher Bledsoe

    Founding Team Member

  • Andrew Bledsoe

    Founding Team Member

  • Erin Browne

    Founding Team Member

  • Laura Heilenday

    Founding Team Member

  • Neil Brown

    Team Member

  • Rickey Kraemer


  • Rebecca Marie Jo

    Content Strategist & Stylist

  • Amy Alexander


  • Lauren Rivera