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Finding Your Fashion Style

15-Nov-2014 / Sharon Kornstein / Community

When we consider the word style several things might come to mind. We could think of people we know or celebrities who are stylish, we can consider the latest trends from Vogue or Bazaar, or we might think of an outfit of ours that makes us feel more (or less) in style.

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Workout Playlist Must Haves

13-Aug-2014 / Rachael Kostelec / Health & Fitness

When I am halfway through my workout and beginning to drag, all it takes is a change in my tunes (and possibly cranking up the volume) to get my RPMs back up.

If you are bored with your playlist or in need of some extra motivation, these tunes will help you rock your next workout!

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Smart Meal Planning 101

11-Aug-2014 / Rachel Voris / Health & Fitness

Too often we find ourselves snacking on the wrong foods, wasting money on quick meals, and treating ourselves to too many “liquid calories”. We do this and then wonder why we can’t lose weight, and even more importantly... why our dryer shrunk our jeans... AGAIN!!!

Subconsciously, we have a habit of believing that these on-the-go bites, tastes, and licks don’t count. We don’t plan for them, and for that reason, they simply don’t exist... that is of course, until we can’t fit into our clothes.

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Fit For Good Tips: Healthy Living Made Easy

13-Aug-2014 / Fit For Good Editor / Community

It's easy to begin healthy habits -- it's harder to stick with them, especially after reaching your goal weight! We are often less focused and more tempted. The key is to identify what tips and tricks work with your lifestyle.

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How do you determine if something is splurge worthy?

13-Aug-2014 / / Community

Retail therapy is a powerful motivator to lose weight and satisfying reward as you achieve milestones. But, how do you reward yourself? How do you determine if something is splurge worthy?

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Healthy Living Secrets from the French

05-Aug-2014 / Flora Lamoureux / Health & Fitness

How do the French enjoy those buttery croissants every day and still stay so thin? Since moving to France almost a decade ago, this is a question I've asked myself countless times. After years of observing red-wine-drinking, Camembert-eating thin women, I've come to realize that their secret isn't some miracle diet or fad workout. Instead, it's a completely different conception of the role food and exercise play in our lives.

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Quinoa 5 Ways: Easy, Healthy Recipes For Your Everyday Life

01-Aug-2014 / Rachael Kostelec / Health & Fitness

With the recent rise of gluten sensitivities (myself included), quinoa has become a famous substitute for all of those problematic starches; pasta, oats, etc. It is also rich in protein, which makes it a favorite among the vegetarian/vegan communities. Regardless of your dietary restrictions, quinoa is not only nutritious and delicious but also very versatile. While the first way I’ve ever had it (my mom’s Aztec salad) will always be my favorite, these other four aren’t too far behind!

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Confessions of a Working Mom: How I Achieved Balance in My Life

25-Jul-2014 / Tina Emerson / Community

When is the last time you put yourself and your needs first? Achieving balance in one’s life just doesn’t happen. Tina, a working mom of two and marathon runner, shares her story of how prioritizing her needs helped her not only lead a healthy life, but also become a more centered and energetic parent.

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Don't Miss Another Workout - Play by Your Own Rules!

21-Jul-2014 / Rachael Kostelec / Health & Fitness

My health and fitness journey hasn’t always been a smooth ride, but I am proud to say that after falling off many times, I am back on the wagon….ahem, treadmill. I have been watching my portion sizes, eating (or drinking) a ton of fruits and veggies, and have been forcing myself to hit the gym 5 days a week. Until recently, that last one – exercise – has always been the most challenging for me. I found a solution that is self-motivating and encourages me to never miss a workout!

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My Fit For Good Journey - A Message from Fit For Good's New Co-CEO

16-Jun-2014 / Lisa Nagorny / Community

I am thrilled to join the Fit For Good team! Like many women, I have experienced my own challenges with maintaining a balanced lifestyle. As co-CEO, I want to empower every woman to become her best self through our Shed-Shop-Shine approach and curated content. Whether you are beginning your health and weight loss journey or have reached your goal, I hope my story inspires you to join our community and be fit for good!

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