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Our three steps to be Fit For Good. Membership is Free!

Whether you’ve reached your final goal, or have simply crossed a milestone along the way, your success is worth celebrating.

As a member of the Fit For Good community, you’ll receive access to exclusive style rewards, a free evaluation from a personal stylist and most importantly, an opportunity to inspire others as they begin transformations of their own.

Membership is free! To sign up, simply complete a profile and submit your before and after pictures for verification. Your privacy is extremely important to us and although we require them for verification purposes, we will never use your photos without your permission. You are always invited to share them however, along with your story, within our Facebook community.

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Cleanse your closet and help others.

Shed oversized clothes. Commit to a healthier lifestyle, beginning with a closet cleanse. Help others by donating or selling those clothes to one of our many charitable partners.


Treat yourself to amazing new clothes at great prices.

Shop with access to exclusive Fit For Good style rewards. Our partner brands are passionate about celebrating and rewarding your achievements!


Team up with our attentive stylists.

Shine with a free evaluation from a personal stylist. Learn which styles complement your body best and how to accessorize with your new look.