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Clean Out Your Closet and Keep Off the Weight

20-Jun-2014 / Fit For Good Editor / Style & Fashion

This Saturday is the first day of summer, but it’s never too late for some belated spring cleaning! Learn how your closet can help you stay fit!

The oversized clothes in the back of our closets symbolize the fear in the back of our minds - the self-doubt that we can't maintain our new, healthy lifestyle and will gain the weight back as we did in the past.

We all have some closet hoarding tendencies - the countless number of college t'shirts, trendy pants from five seasons ago, comfy shoes with worn treads, and oversized clothes.

Yes - oversized clothes; vestiges of our heavier selves. As they hang in the back of our closets, they symbolize the fear in the back of our minds - the self-doubt that we can't maintain our new, healthy lifestyle and will gain the weight back as we did in the past. These clothes are a bet against the progress we have made.

It's time to bet on ourselves and a healthy future! To get started, edit your closet with Fit For Good's 3-step Shed approach:

"Toss": Anything with too much wear, holes or stains should be recycled if possible. If you are tempted to throw those clothes in the trash - think twice. The Council for Textile Recycling reports that the average US citizen throws away 70 pounds of clothing annually. There are plenty of organizations that will accept old clothing. Find one near you. It's always great to repurpose what you can, such as cutting up old cotton t’shirts into cleaning rags. 

Tailor: Tailoring is a great way to preserve those investment pieces when you lose a couple dress sizes. Always weigh the cost of tailoring the item with how much it’s worth. You may discover that it’s better to consign the item if tailoring is too expensive, or the item has a complex structure that is difficult to tailor. Have an item that is dated? A tailor can help transform an old look into something fun and hip. Check out some ideas here.

Trade-In: If you can’t remember the last time you wore an item, then it’s time to retire it! Resist the urge to rationalize why you should hold onto certain items. (We all do it!) You are better off earning money by consigning them and then purchasing a new outfit that you will wear more regularly. Find a consignment shop, such as Buffalo Exchange, in your neighborhood or consign online with ThreadUp to clean the clutter out of your life. What you can’t consign, donate! Become a Fit For Good member and learn what “Shed” resources are close to you! 

Overwhelmed by just the idea of editing your closet? Don't be! It’s amazing how much you can accomplish in a short amount of time. Give yourself two weeks to complete the process and carve out 15 min a day, focusing on a specific area you would like to clean. In no time you will be fully committed to your fit for good journey – one drawer, storage box or hanging rack at a time.

Don't know where to start? 
Connect with our Fit For Good stylists to get advice on what to Toss, Tailor and Trade-In, what styles compliment your figure, and how to create fresh looks with what’s in your closet. To learn more, attend our FREE Closet Makeover Event at Buffalo Exchange, June 25th from 6-8PM in NYC! 

Visit our Fit For Good blog page to learn more about how to stay fit for good and join our community to access exclusive rewards and tips!  

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