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Shrinking Waistline, Shrinking Closet? Fit For Good's Style Tips Have You Covered!

23-Jun-2014 / Fit For Good Editor / Style & Fashion

Are you in the middle of your weight loss journey and frustrated because you can’t seem to find anything to wear? You are thrilled to be losing weight and have settled into your routine of eating healthy and staying active. But as you slim down, you seem to have fewer options in your closet.

Fit For Good is here to help! Our expert stylist, Jeni Aron, has some quick tips to help you look your best as your body changes.

Our expert stylist, Jeni Aron, has some quick tips to help you look your best as your body changes.

Fabrics matter. When in between sizes, wear fabrics with some stretch, jackets with some give, and pants that can move yet have structure; these will see you through one or two sizes. Become a member and visit our shop page to purchase our featured looks! The Ann Taylor Keyhole Maxi (40% off!) is a perfect summer dress with a flattering fit and forgiving fabric that will last you all summer. L.K.Bennett’s flared skirt (30% off) is the perfect cut for a changing body and incredibly versatile - perfect for work, an evening out on the town, or some daytime fun.

Buy clothes that fit your current life and current body. It’s great to look ahead, but focus on dressing the body you have now with the lifestyle you currently enjoy. Don't splurge on a cocktail dress if you will rarely wear it. As your body is changing, invest in the looks you will wear most often. 

Embrace color! Black is not the only figure flattering color. Find a color that plays with your skin and hair – then wear the hell out of it! Color Me Beautiful has an online tool to help you identify your color palate. Although it’s helpful to understand which colors compliment your hair and skin tone, don’t limit yourself. Experiment with color – you may be surprised at what colors pop! Always go with what feels best.

Get your girls in line and buy the best bra you can afford! Chances are your bra doesn't fit, as 4 out of 5 women wear the incorrect bra size. Get fitted by a pro and spend a little bit extra for excellent support. Visit Town Shop in NYC or any upscale department store to get fitted by an expert.

Don’t sacrifice fit for style. Trends come and go, but fit never fades. Stick to brands that have treated you well before and try out their latest version of a trend that will flatter you. Avoid splurging on a sample sale item just because it's a certain brand or trend piece. If it doesn't fit, it's not worth the money - even if you get it at a discount. 

Contact a Fit For Good stylist to learn more about how you can dress your best and become a Fit For Good member to receive exclusive retail discounts!

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